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Hand Picked in Zanzibar

Zanzibar’s clove harvest

The archipelago of Zanzibar in Tanzania, sometimes known as the Spice Islands, was once the world’s largest producer of cloves. It is still an important industry for farmers on the island of Pemba as the BBC’s Ruth Nesoba found out during the harvesting of the flower buds which when dried are used as a spice in cooking, to flavour drinks like mulled wine and in medicine.

The picked flower buds and leaves are carried in a gunny sack from the farmers’ land to the villages. The crop is then sorted to separate the leaves from the buds. Both are left to dry in the sun. The dried leaves are crushed and can be used in perfumes and fragrances. They are also used in an oil which can have sanitary applications and is sometimes used in dentistry.

Source: BBCNews Read and see the photo story


Curried Baked Fish

I’ve tried it, and liked it.

Recipe and what to do: Success

Reyka Designs Innovative Martini Machine To Guarantee The Perfect Serve


Machines for everything…

Originally posted on DRINKS ENTHUSIAST:

Reyka Martini Dispenser

The UK Ambassador for Reyka, the premium Icelandic vodka, has invented a Martini Dispenser that delivers perfect, ice cold Reyka cocktails every time.

Fuelled with a mix of Reyka vodka, vermouth and limited edition Reyka bitters; at the push of a button the Martini Dispenser pumps the cocktail through flash coolers that chill the liquid down to -18 degrees Celsius before neatly dispensing it from a brass tap into your martini glass. All that’s needed to perfect the cocktail is a final red grapefruit zest garnish.

Joe Petch, UK Brand Ambassador for Reyka, commented: “With several events on the horizon, I’ve been looking for a way for guests to serve their own perfectly cold Reyka Martinis. The machine we came up with reflects the inventive culture of Iceland, where people do things a little bit differently but also in a resourceful way – reinventing unwanted or unused objects to fulfil…

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Sunday Art Fare

20140313_inq_fd1beard13-fPainted by Mike Geno, burrata and roasted carrots by Marcie Turney of Barbuzzo.



The Best Delicious Traditional Bulgarian Food Dishes

Featured Image -- 3726

Originally posted on International Bellhop Travel Magazine:

Traditional Bulagrian food in front of a chimney

Bulgarian cuisine is the culmination of all of the greatest traditional dishes in Southeastern Europe, incorporating hints of Russian, Middle Eastern, Greek, Turkish and Serbian flavors and ingredients. Bulgarian dishes are decadently rich and yet simple concoctions of spices and fresh raw ingredients that are found in abundance in the region.Bulgaria -- MapBulgaria’s diverse and delicious dishes come from its location at the literal crossroads of the modern world in Southeastern Europe. With Turkey and Greece to the south, Bulgarian dishes often reflect classic Greek flavors such as olive oil and a hearty use of feta cheese, while the Turkish influence is seen in the grilled meats and stuffed pastries that are commonly cooked in large gatherings. The delicious cuisine and traditional dishes of Bulgaria are hearty, warm and inviting… and we invite you to learn about some of our favorite traditional Bulgarian dishes here:



We have to begin with…

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Bloody Limes!

A Brazilian caipirinha

A Brazilian caipirinha

One of my pet hates.

Nearly every blog I see that details the Brazilian caipirinha and/or gives a recipe, tells you to use LIMES! And, I saw another this morning.

A caipirinha is made with LEMONS!

Limes and lemons are totally different flavours; limes are not as sour as lemons.

The confusion arises because here in Brazil lemons are green; and everyone outside Brazil sees a green lemon and goes “Limes”. They are NOT Limes.

As green lemons get older they tend to develop a yellow tinge, limes do not.

Please help stamp out this erroneous bullshit!

Green lemons are NOT limes

Green lemons are NOT limes

Cheap 51 is used most, but I prefer something a little more upmarket

Cheap 51 is used most, but I prefer something a little more upmarket

If you can’t get green lemons, don’t use limes. Use a traditional yellow lemon, and if you want to have the ‘Brazilian green’ garnish with lime slices.


  • 1 lemon cut into eight pieces.
  • Sugar to taste.
  • Mash the lemon and sugar in glass (or use a mortar and pestle), add ice.
  • Fill glass with cachaça.

Once you have made the mix, you may need to add extra sugar because green lemons are ‘nipple puckering’ sour.



During the weekend I had mocotó. The bar along the road makes it every Saturday. It is a typical Brazilian dish.

The plate was so full, I slopped it as I carried it to the table – image AV

I eat it with liberal dashes of Brazilian pimenta (chillies steeped in olive oil).

But what is mocotó?

Cows’ feet.

Bleached cows' feet in the butchers

Bleached cows’ feet in the butchers  image AV

When you buy it they cut it up into 2″ pieces ready for the pot.

What you need:

  • 1 kg  mocotó (cut to size)
  • 2 sausages chopped
  • parsley and spring onions as you like
  • 2 medium onions roughly chopped
  • 1 tomato chopped
  • 1/2 green capsicum chopped
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 2 cubes of bacon stock
  • 1 lemon
  • tomato extract
  • pepper (chillies in olive oil)

What you do:

Rub each piece of mocotó with cut lemon

One onion, stock, bay leaves and mocotó in a pressure cooker and cover with water at least three fingers above the bones. Once boiling, leave for 50 minutes. After this time the muscle should be free of the bone. If not, cook further.

Put the liquid in a blender and pulse.

Fry off the chopped sausage, rest of the onion and capsicum in a pot (not pan). Next put the rest of the ingredients in the same pot and add the contents of the blender. heat and serve.

Addition to this you can also add bucho (stomach). I like this.

You can also add other vegetables, potato, carrot, greens.

Sunday Art Fare

t800-03_ada_florekBy Ada Florek

Germany, 2013

Satireday on Fizz



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