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Boris Johnson – a winner in Ukraine

Борис Джонсонюк
The name of a new dessert in Ukraine. He may have lost the plot in UK, but he's a winner in Ukraine for his unstaunched support of Ukraine against the Russian dictator Poohtin (indicating that he's a load of excrement).

Борис Джонсонюк Dessert – Image: The Star

“The cake, inspired by English apple pie and Johnson’s mop of blonde hair, consists of baked apple, vanilla custard, meringue and vanilla ice cream.” Stuff


I May… or indeed may not

I have been on a hiatus, my last post here was over seven years ago.

I have slowly returned to blog on Shit Happens, and have now seen a post that is worthy of resurrecting “Fizz”.

So, I may try to fix it, or indeed may not. Perhaps sporadic posts to whet ones appetite.

Catching the crabs was the first step in making Crab and Dumpling, Tobago’s signature dish.

Trinidad & Tobago is a country off the northern coast of South America near Venezuela.

It’s in the Caribbean, a delightful spot.

They have this dish called Crab & Dumpling

Now I’m not a fan of eating crab, messy fingers and sharp splinters of shell, but I do enjoy the taste of crab.

So Let’s start off with…

Tobago is a land of plenty, with astonishing biodiversity including more than 260 species of birds. It’s also home to the world’s oldest protected rainforest, which is where these unique freshwater land crabs live, scuttling along the forest floor and in mountain streams rather than the marine environment usually associated with crabs. While sea crabs are also abundant in Tobago, the sweeter land crab meat is preferred for the dish.

Crab and dumpling, Tobago’s signature dish, is sweet, salty, spicy – and messy to eat (Credit: Renee Tobley)

Looks delicious!

The complete post can be found on BBC Travel, so go there for a good read and some interesting blog links.


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A Greek recipe.

Reblogged from: A Life Moment

Spinach Filo Pastry – Spanakopita / Byrek

Spanakopita/Byrek is one of my favourite recipes ever, in fact I consider it as a special treat as it is healthy, delicious and nice to look at. You can use spanakopita as a starter and even make a really good impression if you cook it to a party with your friends or  family. I believe that what makes it special is the fact that it really enhances the flavour of the vegetables taking away the earthy and bland taste.

All you need is:…

Now if you want to know what you need and how to do it you’ll have to visit A Life Moment.

This recipe is flexible, you can substitute different greens, spinach, chard, etc and you can change the ricotta cheese for feta.

Sunday Art Fare

graterpaintingVintage Box Grater watercolor painting, Original ART, 5 x 7 by Sharon Foster


Satireday on Fizz


$1 Wine, but is it Plonk?

Australia’s wine ‘cheaper than a bottle of water’

A bottle of red wine on sale for A$1 on a tasting table in Melbourne

It depends what wine you’re looking at and where you get your bottled water, but on some big retailers’ shelves in Australia it’s not too hard today to find water that is more expensive than wine.

You may be considering a little-known bottle of red that’s sitting in a bargain bucket selling for one Australian dollar (53p).

Or you could be about to purchase a well-known white going for A$2.99.

That’s all before you spot your favourite four-litre box of cask wine selling for less than A$17.

Whatever you fancy, if you compare your purchase to an average 350ml of bottled water selling for about A$2.50, “then you’ve certainly got wine that’s cheaper than buying a bottle of water,” says Prof Kym Anderson from the Wine Economics Research Centre in Adelaide.

Source: BBCNews Read more

Happy New year




Crispy Cajun Salmon


I confess, the ingredient list looks like a real clash of cultures but this is the crispiest batter and the salmon holds the Cajun spice flavour so well, it is a delicious treat.

Traditionally catfish would be used with this recipe but it works well with snapper too.

My Cajun spice rub recipe is in the blog or use your preferred mix.

Serves 6 with side dishes.

You want the recipe? Check Cooking up the Pantry

Healthy Hangover

How to have a healthy hangover: sweet potato wedges

Sweet potato wedges and fried egg Photograph: James Wragg

You know you’re about to face the hangover of the festive season. But it’s okay – we’re going to get through this, together.

While you’re still upright, pop down to the shops and get some sweet potatoes and eggs and you’ll be all set for the big day. Parchment paper would be good too, if you can find some.

Because I’m a fellow student, I know just how tempting it is to order takeout when you’re hung over. I’ll hazard a guess that the last time you dialled up was when you were hung over, waiting for a film to buffer in a darkened room.

How much do you think you’ve spent on hangover fast food during your academic career? I’m willing to bet that it’s a couple of hundred pounds.

And let’s not even get into the nutritional value of the food you’ve been devouring while avoiding the rest of the world in your grotty pyjamas.

A thought struck me one hungover day this summer – in between binge watching sitcoms online and deliberating on takeaway pizza toppings – why didn’t I just cook something from scratch?

It took a bit of effort to crawl into the kitchen, but my body and my wallet were both extremely grateful.

And since my epiphany, I’ve been blogging about easy recipes that you can follow even in the dark depths of a hangover.

Here’s an incredibly simple recipe to get you started. It’s inspired by the classic greasy-spoon egg and chips, but don’t let that put you off. It’s cheap, healthier, and super easy to make.

Eggs are the perfect hangover food – they contain cysteine, which is used by the body to break down toxins.

And sweet potatoes are a source of complex carbohydrates, which will mean a slow release of energy to help you through your challenging day.

Best of all, this recipe is vegetarian – and gluten free. I have a friend with coeliac disease who swears by these wedges. Here’s how to get cracking.

Source: TheGuardian click for the recipe

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