You are what you eat & drink

Worcestershire Sauce

A true condiment

The world’s only true condiment sauce. Tomato sauce (ketchup to our American cousins), bottle mustard and the ilk are not real sauces. Although tomato sauce could be, as it is cooked in it’s preparation, but mustard in a bottle from the supermarket is generally crap (and it looks like baby poop too). Mustard is a paste freshly made from mustard power.


There is only one Worcestershire sauce and that is Lea & Perrins. It is inimitable, unique and the recipe is a closely guarded secret.


But I’m not going to tell you anymore about it here. You can go to a perfectly good Lea & Perrins History page and read it all for yourself.


I will only say that I love it. It goes with nearly everything.


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