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Radish Greens


Some time ago I bought some radishes and used them in a salad; nothing unusual about that, it was delicious. But a couple of the radishes were rather puny, so I didn’t bother with them. Out they went on to the compost heap.

Radish Leaves

Not the end of the story… oh no, they took root and began sprouting leaves, the stalks grew until they were sort of tree trunk size. I had intended them to flower and collect the seeds. So far they haven’t produced flowers, but they have a healthy show of leaves.

Today, the thought flashed across my mind; can they be eaten?

Well, many sources on the net say ‘yes, they can.’

They can be used as a salad vegetable, in soups and you can make a Lebanese pesto with them to go with spaghetti. You can stir fry them and you can roast radishes with greens. There’s a great recipe for radish green soup on Vegan Visitor. Try a smoothie using radish greens and check out some nutrition info on Incredible Smoothies. There is no end, you can try Bengali mulor shaak on Ahaar or add the greens to a Potato & leek vichyssoise.

The Cook’s Thesaurus says: These have a peppery flavor, and they’re great raw in salads and sandwiches, or you can cook them as you would other leafy greens.   The leaves are fairly pungent, though, so a  little goes a long way.  The greens from young plants are best.

Food for thought…

Add to the pot

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