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Who’s ever heard of verjuice?

Australian Verjuice

Verjuice is generally used as a substitute for lemon juice or vinegar, but it is really much much more than that.  Verjuice is a natural flavor enhancer, adding amazing flavor and richness.

Verjuice is extremely versatile and can be used in any dish sweet or savory, meat, veggie, or fruit.  You can use it in dressings and vinaigrettes instead of vinegar, sauces, gravies, and reductions adding complexity were ever you use it.

Use verjuice any place you would use white wine or dry sherry in cooking, for example sauces, stews and risottos, and especially for deglazing.

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Here’s an idea from New Zealand:

Fish Fillet with Asparagus

* Pan-fry fish fillets in a little butter then remove and keep warm. Deglaze the pan with a splash of verjuice, salt and pepper. Blanch asparagus spears in lightly salted boiling water, then refresh under cold water and drain. Add a splash of cream to the verjuice and serve the fish on asparagus spears topped with the sauce.

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