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Veni, vidi, NO vici vegan

Most of you will already know that I am a healthy happy carnivore, but even us carnivores eat ‘vegan’ occasionally. It’s not a conscious choice, it’s just a spur of the moment decision. My decision today was spurred by a conversation with my mother last Saturday, she rings me each week from NZ and mentioned that she had been out with the ‘girls’ (I use that term loosely, because my mother is fast approaching 88) and eaten quiche.

My Spinch & Leek Quiche should look something like this

Wow, I haven’t eaten quiche for yonks (ill-defined long period of time) and I woke this morning with the thought… “Quiche for lunch.” As I only had toast, marmalade and coffee (*checks for animal content*) for breakfast I am in the running for a vegan day. Now I’ll have to use ‘plastic butter’ (margarine) for the pastry instead of my customary lard.

I just checked, there is no indication that my margarine is free of fish oils or whey… Hmmm, okay, I will go to the shop and get some vegetable based cooking fat.

Hmmmm, does a vegan eat eggs?

I just googled.They don’t. There are egg substitutes like tofu, but that is poison because it’s made from unfermented soy beans, Did you know that tofu is poison? Look it up.

So I am going to use eggs.

Well, that blows that idea.

Oh well…. I tried; and I was even thinking what I could do to make the day complete with a vegan dinner as well.

NB: Posted simultaneously as a Change the World Wednesday challenge on Eco-Crap.

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