You are what you eat & drink

A root cause


Often, celery root (celeriac) is grated and served raw in a salad (celeri remoulade), made into soup or, pureed or cubed, put to use as a side dish. It is a great vegetable that deserves to be better known in this country, but sadly it is not commonly seen in supermarkets.

Farmers markets are another story, and from midsummer well into fall and even winter, celery root can easily be found, with its deeply furrowed root ends that remind me of a Shar-Pei dog’s (or W.H. Auden’s) no less deeply furrowed face.

Source: Washington Post Read more.

Celeriac is not one of the more common vegetables, but there is no reason why it shouldn’t be.

Seedy dish: A first course of “braised” celery root draped with a mustard seed sauce. (Edward Schneider for The Washington Post)

Click n the above link to read the adventures involved in discovering celery root. Quite entertaining and may give you the impetus to buy some the next time you see it at the Farmer’s Market. Worth a look even if it is to get the recipe for a great mustard seed sauce.


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