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SABMiller launches cassava beer in South Africa

The biggest brewer in southern Africa has launched the first commercial beer made from the cassava plant.

Homebrew spirits on the continent, fermented from cassava and other root tubers, are popular because they are cheap but they can be lethal.

SABMiller executives said the new beer would give consumers an affordable, safer alternative to such homebrews.

Impala is being brewed in Mozambique

Cassava is considered a staple food crop in Africa but the firm denies the beer will lead to food shortages.

The beer, called Impala, is being brewed in Mozambique and will require about 40,000 tonnes of raw cassava per year.

The BBC’s Milton Nkosi in Johannesburg says when he tasted a chilled Impala it went down very well.

It was somewhat bitter, somewhat tangy, not sweet – and it was not far off from some of the popular brands more expensive beer across the continent, he said

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