You are what you eat & drink

Craft Beers

Craft beers are nothing new. Man has been making them since the year dot.

We discovered some unique ones last week when I explored beers in New Zealand.

Let’s have a quick look at some from Brazil. Brazil has a great advantage over the rest of the world because it boasts some of the more unique flora of the planet.

Forest Bacuri Cerveja

The Bacuri fruit comes from a tree (Platonia insignis) that is native to Amazônia and grows up to 35 metres (about 100ft), it has a hard shell and inside three segments of an aromatic white pulp.


The uses of bacuri are varied, it is made into sodas, juices, icecreams, liqueur, jams and candies. Of course, also beer.

The beer is described as ‘super refreshing’ and has an alcoholic content of 3.8%

The beer is produced in Belém, Pará in the north of Brazil and so far has been distributed as far as São Paulo, it doesn’t appear to have reached Rio de Janeiro yet, so America beer lovers will have to wait until I have had a sip… or two.


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