You are what you eat & drink

Last Minute Christmas Pudding

The finale of a good Christmas dinner is the Christmas Pud with dollops of whipped cream or custard or both. No Christmas dinner is complete without it.

Quntessential Christmas Fare

Many people don’t make Christmas Pud anymore, it’s put into the ‘too hard basket’ or it has suet in it (vege, vegan excuse). But you can get vegetarian suet. Vegans don’t like eggs either, but they know there are substitutes.

As for the ‘too hard’ bunkum, I found a 10 minute recipe and you can make it today because it doesn’t need to mature like some recipes.

My only gripe with this recipe is that there is no brandy… what’s a Christmas Pud without Christmas spirit? I’d replace half the water with brandy or sherry.

Where to find? Check BBC’s Good Food

Hope all my visitors and followers (ah, both of you) have a Merry Christmas and thank you for your support.


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