You are what you eat & drink

Too Much Stuff – Not Enough Fizz

Pre-Post Blurb

Often when I sit here staring numbly at a blank screen, I have absolutely no idea what I am going to post. Some call it writers block, I call it having no idea what I am going to post. While I was undergoing this metamorphosis between having no idea and having an idea. I glanced back at some previous posts and realised that lately I have had too much stuff and not enough fizz.

Gaudy Bauble

So, I looked up the Great God Google “Fizz”and found this gaudy bauble staring at me.

Fizz Diamond

Now that I have the image in place, I am going to discover WTF Fizz Diamond is. At the moment I have no idea.

Well, so far no luck, that was a design page.


Hmmm, next site was in Russian.


Found this: Estonian brewery Tartus new cider-based cocktail, Fizz Diamond, is to be the first brand to use Rexams glittering new Sparkle varnish on its cans.

Well, now we know about the glittery can.

And… Fizz Diamond will be available in bars, shops and clubs in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Well, that’s it. It’s a cider-based fruit drink. There appears no further product info on the web, great marketing ploy.

Post-post Blurb

Blogging is such fun, not always successful, but fun. You have your “Fizz.”


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