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My thoughts on Beer Mugs

Beer mugs have always fascinated me. Pints, half-pints, glass or ceramic.

I was brought up in my youth and early adulthood on the 12oz beer tankard, tall, thick base and chunky.

Like these ones, but different. Google has totally failed me once again. Despite an hour searching, I cannot find a picture of the ones we had in New Zealand.

The ones we had were made by Crown Crystal Glass, had a thicker base and the handle protruded more at the bottom than the top. But the picture gives you the idea.

I have just read an article in The Guardian about the demise of the British pint glass.

"Nonik" glass

“The pint glass is an outdated relic and beer drinkers have been subjected to it for too long. It’s time to put it out to pasture, says Ben McFarland.”

“Just look at it, it’s not very fancy-able is it? Not in its most common form at least. With its bulbous podgy neck and swollen fairground fighter lips, it has all the allure of a derelict lift shaft.”

Quotes from The Guardian article.

I have to agree, ugly blighter. Don’t fancy drinking my beer from one at all. That quantity of beer requires a handle, something to secure your purchase against possible loss.

While the tradtional British pint in its weird glass maybe the custom (although I read in the article that they were only introduced 50 years ago), I would not be sorry to see them go. To me a small beer is served in a 7oz Pilsener, larger quantities 12oz & 20oz (pints)in tankards or ‘handles.’

I guess it’s all in the eye of the beerholder…



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