You are what you eat & drink

Molecular Gastronomy

I am a chef, damn it!

How come I never heard of this Molecular Gastronomy?

I am perturbed.

“Techno-emotional cuisine”

Is apparently another name for MG.

I am singularly not impressed.

The whole thing is a lot of hocus pocus. Apart from it’s entertainment value, it’s neither use nor ornament.

Hervé This started collecting “culinary precisions” (old kitchen wives’ tales and cooking tricks) in the early 1980s and started testing these precisions to see which ones held up; his collection now numbers some 25,000. from Wikipedia

In the days when housewives were housewives and knew how to cook, instead of knowing how to open a microwave and slop the food on a plate, mothers knew how to cook and cook properly.

But all that is a lost art, now it’s down to science…

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