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Vietnamese Coffee… an oxymoron???

Many brands, but this is considered the most popular

If somebody had asked me yesterday about Vietnamese coffee, I would have blinked more than twice and wondered if they were pulling my leg.

Today I read an article in The Guardian, that Vietnam does indeed produce coffee, and is only second to Brazil in world production.


The French colonials introduced coffee there in 1857, so it’s not new. Despite many ups and downs including a 1900s glut of poor quality beans and then the Vietnam war and the scorched earth policy, the industry has recovered. There are many concerns of an environmental nature, but you can read about those on the link above.


And you can try the recipe on Cà phê sũa dá – Vietnamese Iced Coffee my post from yesterday.

So you can see that indeed Vietnamese coffee is not an oxymoron.


2 responses

  1. Aaron Agopian P

    Yup, they were not pulling your leg. This is very popular in Seattle and believe it or not in parts of Alaska, as I know firsthand.


    August 15, 2012 at 12:32 am

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