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I Love Sushi, but…

This was called 'KazanRoll'

Yesterday, I was taking a stroll through Twitterland, as I am apt to do when bored, and I saw something referred to as ‘Kazan Roll’ and the mention of sushi. So *click* off I went on my tangent.

I love going off on my tangent, it can take you to all manner of fun places. It’s better than going off on your bicycle, bicycles are boring but at least they have a seat, with a tangent you have to be on your toes all the time.

Now of course the mention of sushi immediately set my taste buds alight, because I do really love sushi and would eat it daily, if my budget would allow it; sadly not.

So I was confronted by the above photo. My immediate reaction was ‘WTF is that?’ That can’t be food, it’s certainly not sushi, despite the presence of algae and what appears to be rice. I mean, I am not a connoisseur of sushi, but I do know what it ought to look like. Maybe it was American, it appeared to have baby-poop supermarket mustard squirted on it. Really it looked as though a sushi chef had had a fight at a hotdog stand.

I had never heard of Kazan Roll before, and this sight piqued my interest. What is a Kazan Roll. Off to visit the Great God Google, I knew that I would find the answer there, his knowledge is boundless, corporate and all things that control the government.

This is what Kazan Roll is supposed to look like

The picture is Spicy Kazan Roll from California Grill found as found on Big Wayne’s BBQ Blog. This looks a little more presentable… and edible. BTW, visit that link there are some other totally awesome food photos.

Searching, I can’t find out what the ‘goop’ on top is. I see some reference to Fireball sauce, and another to mayo… OMG mayo on sushi, how crass; The only people I know that put mayo on everything are Americans and Peruvians. But I am still in the dark as to what the filler is between the makimonos.

If there is anybody out there who can enlighten me, I’d love a comment.




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