You are what you eat & drink

Red Kerosene

Cab Sav

It’s not often that I am overly critical of wine. I may make the odd disparaging comment, but nothing to compare with my opinion on this one.

I opened a bottle of Finca Flichman Cabernet Sauvignon Roble 2007 to enjoy while laying comfortably on my sofa on a wet miserable Sunday afternoon and the watch football game yesterday afternoon and nibble on a selection of cheese giving me some 90 minutes of transient bliss to combat the weather.

Honestly, I struggled to finish the first glass. I persevered in the hope that I might find a redeeming quality that I had missed, but in vain, it just wasn’t there.

Red kerosene would have been preferable, it was harsh and unpleasant on the palate. Certainly not my cup of tea, ah wine.

The bottle was recommended to me by the owner of my local supermarket. It was moderately priced, not cheap, but well within my normal drinking range; a range I might add that I have never been critical of before. Not like some of the ‘plonk’ I have tasted in cheaper ranges.

I was extremely disappointed; and will be reporting that to the owner, as he did recommend it.

It is the first time I have been so let down by a wine from Mendoza in Argentina. For me Argentinian wines from Mendoza are synonymous with very good to excellent.

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