You are what you eat & drink

Hello Kitty Sauce

Conversation with my, at the time, seven year old stepdaughter… (tanslated from the orignal Portuguese)

“Whatcha doing Dad?”

“Making sauce.”

“But it’s pink!”

“It’s Hello Kitty Sauce.”

“You didn’t put my Hello Kitty in the blender, did you?” Startled kid runs off to her room.


I was making golf sauce. I hate the stuff, but the kids like it.

Ellen has liked it from the time she first saw it in a classy restaurant. It was then that I coined the phrase Hello Kitty Sauce, and now her younger sister (nearly six) is hooked on it too. She loves ovos de cordona (quail’s eggs, which are big here in Brazil, despite being so small) and Hello Kitty Sauce.

Tell your daughter it’s Hello Kitty Sauce, it’s a great way to wean girls off ketchup.


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