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Vodka from strange places

One doesn’t normally associate vodka with New Zealand; Russia, Finland, Poland, yes, but not ‘Down Under.’

New Zealand does make it’s own.

It’s available in the USA, having been recently launched there.

“After humble beginnings in their eponymous shed at Wanaka (still affectionately used for office functions), this new world vodka offering is holding its own on the world stage, recently winning the prestigious Silver Medal in the World Spirits Competition.” – Gourmet

“Broken Shed surprised me, and not because it uses spring water from both islands of New Zealand. No, what really struck me was that it’s distilled from whey, the liquid byproduct of cheesemaking. Whey is rich in protein and lactose, a sugar. The Mongolians have been making airag from mares’ milk forever, and variations on fermented milk exist throughout Asia and the middle east. Given the Kiwi origin of this spirit, I’m going to guess sheep’s milk was the source of the whey.” – Benitos Wine Review

“Broken Shed is a naturally smooth vodka that is crafted without including any additives or sugars.” – TopShelfLiquor

Source: – Click on the image

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