You are what you eat & drink



Raki on the table

At the moment here in Brazil there is a novela (soap opera) that I enjoy, Salve Jorge, quite a bit takes place in Turkey in both Istanbul and Cappadocia; where the sophisticated Brazilians and Turks are often found sipping raki.

So what is raki?

Raki is considered the national drink of Turkey.

One of the many brands

One of the many brands

“An unsweetened, anise-flavored hard alcoholic drink that is popular in Turkey and in the Balkan countries as an apéritif. It is often served with seafood or Turkish meze. It is similar to several other alcoholic beverages available around the Mediterranean, Albanian regions, the Middle East e.g., pastis, ouzo, sambuca, arak, and aguardiente.”Wikipedia

Traditionally consumed either straight with chilled water on the side or partly mixed with chilled water. Ice cubes are sometimes added.

Dilution with water causes raki to turn a milky-white color like ouzo.

Mezze, with or without drinks, is  a selection of small snacks, hot or cold, spicy or savory; they maybe as simple as cubes of white cheese or more sophisticated like walnuts and hot pepper sauce, or meatballs.


Mezzedhes (pl of mezze)

Mezzedhes (pl of mezze)

Raki and water - image:

Raki and water – image:


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