You are what you eat & drink

Jynnan Tonnix

This is a reblog, I couldn’t resist it; and being a great fan of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, I will suffer no remorse, guilt nor suffering for having done so.

A drink for Douglas Adams

“Two important cocktails permeate Adams’ masterpiece. The first is my own go-to cocktail: The gin and tonic.

Gin and Tonic

According to The Guide, approximately 80% of galactic cultures have some phonetic variation of a ‘Gin and Tonic.’ For instance the rubber ducky-wielding captain of the spaceship doomed to colonize ancient earth with telephone cleaners, sommeliers and marketing moguls, offer the main characters a ‘jynnan tonnix.’

Upon their reunion Ford Prefect tells Arthur Dent how he spent the last four years wandering prehistoric Earth:

`… I decided that I was a lemon for a couple of weeks. I kept myself amused all that time jumping in and out of a gin and tonic.’ Arthur cleared his throat, and then did it again.

`Where,’ he said, `did you…?’”

Should you have the desire to read more, or simply wish accumulate more useless information, I can heartily recommend the post on Behind the Booze.


2 responses

  1. thanks for the reblog! I’m always a fan of fans of excellent literature! Keep up the good work!


    May 3, 2013 at 8:02 pm

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