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On Chicks and Wine

girlswineThis is a part reblog from: Stuart Gregor blog, the theme, “irrefutable proof of why chicks rule, why blokes have their heads up their own arses.”

It’s in part political, but this I found pertinent.

Over the past 15 years I have run many wine education courses. At each course my students are almost always split 50/50 by gender. But the women are always, not mostly but always, the best students. Why? Because believe it or not they come on the course to learn something. To learn why a riesling tastes fruity or why chardonnay tastes as it does, why Shiraz is spicy and cabernet sauvignon structured… they listen, they ask relevant questions and they leave wiser.

The blokes? They come to tell people what they know. And maybe pull a chick who wants to see their cellar – memo boys – they don’t. The blokes want to tell me about the labels they have tasted, the expensive wines in their cellar and they want to tell me why they only drink a certain wine or region – in essence, their stupid closed minds are made up.

At the end of the course when we taste wines “blind”, the women inevitably can tell the different varieties apart, the blokes can’t, but they seem not to care… “My mate at the bank bought a dozen Grange the other day at $400 a bottle, what will that be worth in a few years?” they ask me. Mate I don’t give a shit what your Grange is worth. That’s not why we are here…

It’s a classic insight into the male and female brain. Of course there are exceptions but I swear this is the rule…

That about sums it up!


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  1. I also want to drink..Wanna share with me please 😉


    October 28, 2013 at 12:14 am

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