You are what you eat & drink

Cheeses Return from the Dead

An amazing story of Stilton, Buxton Blue… A love story.


Hart’s Content: Bringing Stilton-Making Back to Derbyshire

It’s a film we’ve all seen. A traditional industry is closed down, leaving a community devastated, both in terms of economic loss and sense of identity. But then a band of locals get together and find new purpose through ballet dancing or trombone playing or pub stripping. Of course, it’s all made up, based on whimsical notions of plucky northerners winning over adversity. But, for one Derbyshire village I visited recently, truth could be stranger than fiction – except they’ve found a new beginning in a different sort of culture from ballet or brass bands. To be precise, a cheese culture – Penicillium roqueforti – which is responsible for the blue veins of Stilton…

…The area has been associated with cheese for centuries. The Romans marched through the county on their (cheese-stuffed) stomachs, annual Cheese Fairs were held throughout the Peak District in the Middle Ages.

Source: Fromage Homage for the rest of this wonderful story


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