You are what you eat & drink

Wednesday Whine

Welcome to the first Wednesday Whine.

My wine rack is indeed modest.


But it is, nevertheless, a rack complete with dusty bottles.

While my rack is limited to twelve bottles, it is supplemented by a bookcase and several artfully redesigned fruit boxes.

Today’s wine is, actually, no longer in the rack… I drank it.

Maipe Cabernet Sauvignon (Andean Culture), Mendoza, Argentina, 2010

maipe andean cabernet sauvignon mendoza

There’s a good review on Spirit of Wine I agree with everything they say.

I must add that it was a heady wine… I mean it went straight to the head tasting wonderful all the way.

There was one detracting feature, upon opening the bottle I was confronted with a black rubber ‘cork’ which looked more like a giant zit. Seeing this black thing, instead of a pristine cork initially made me wonder if the wine was off.

I enjoyed half the bottle with lunch, a homemade Shepherd’s Pie.

After my after-lunch-nap I experimented with an iced wine-fizzy, half ‘n half with sparkling mineral water, very good.

Yes, I know, I hear you all clamouring… “OMG, he put ice and water with it!”  I’m a peasant, I know. Try it, you just may discover something new.


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