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Bourbon Barrel Meat Smoker

A Ph.D. in Beer - A Study of Beer and Fermentation Science

barrel This isn’t EXACTLY a post related directly to beer but I consider it beer-adjacent in my interests. I love beer, bourbon, bourbon barrel aged beers, I also love BBQ. For a long time I’ve had a fantasy of converting a used bourbon barrel into a meat smoker. An opportunity presented itself in the form of a cheap 2005 Buffalo Trace bourbon barrel used by Heavy Seas Brewery outside of Baltimore.

photo(4)I was able to scurry up to the brewery one morning and pick up the barrel for a mere $60….the modifications to the barrel itself ended up costing that much but in the end I have a hand made, custom smoker that accents my interests. It is a great conversation piece. This post is going to be a little photo heavy so bear with me. First thing, this barrel is heavy. I was able to pick it up and carry…

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