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What beer be this?

Germania 55

lata-germania-55-988x1024A recent addition to the lines of Brazilian beers.

Brewed by the Germania 55 brewery  in upstate São Paulo.

Tried one can, bought three more the same week.

The cans are 710ml, 110ml more than the normal Brazilian bottles, so there is value for the R$4.99 price (on special), that’s about $2.oo.

Great beer, more flavour than the usual Brazilian offerings which tend to be bland. Styled on draught beer from the barrel. One review said it had ‘an odour of soap and sulphur, but tasted okay’. I don’t agree, but then I’m a drinker, not a sniffer. Classed as a Standard American Lager…

More info: etí In Portuguese

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