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Seattle Loves Chai: The Chai Normandy Cocktail

Never Dry In Seattle

I like to think of myself as a cocktail genius… I like to think I can just play around with ingredients and come up with the next big thing and I’ll end up on stage at Tales of the Cocktail accepting a “Best Cocktail of All Time” award…

This delusion of grandeur has been proven wrong on many occasions… it’s not even close to true.  It might even be the opposite of true.

But, lets back up a bit… I love Chai tea, it’s hugely popular in the area and there are some great places offering chai in Seattle.  However, there aren’t a ton of great chai tea cocktails at local bars.  So naturally, being the alleged cocktail genius that I am, I made some Chai infused vodka and started playing around with it.  I was inspired by  Woodinville’s own Project V Distillery (and sausage company?) after having their product…

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