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What beer be this?

The FIFA World Cup is almost upon us, just a month to go

Despite delays, accidents and unfortunately, deaths It looks like all the venues will be ready for this event. The infrastructure like airports and transport are still a worry, but things should generally go well.

One thing that FIFA didn’t take into account is that Latin American “amanha” tomorrow attitude, so it was a guarantee that Brazil would be running late.

But what else is Brazil doing?

Brahma, one of the major sponsors of the event has produced a special beer.

Brahma Seleção Especial (translates as The National Team’s Special).

Brahma Seleção Especial

Brahma Seleção Especial

But, nobody knows where to get it. Despite advertising on TV, it remains elusive just a month before the games.

The barley used in this brew is from the Granja Comary in Teresópolis in the mountains of Rio de Janerio state, the training centre of the team that won the fifth World Cup and the home of this years team; here the ground is considered sacred.

You can visit the Brahma site, but it is in Portuguese.

This is the TV advert.

Brahma have also produced bottles that resemble cans…


…and the Cup itself. But at R$45 ($20 +/-)  for five bottles, not this bunny.




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