You are what you eat & drink

Brave enough for this?

This post is a reblog of a comment, I wrote this evening on a post on Lords of the Drinks.

It is a prelude to reblogging their post.


Oyster Shooter

“I have heard that oysters are an aphrodisiac; NZ is a great place for the Bluff oyster. Sadly I report that the last time I bought a dozen, only ten worked. I have seen oysters incorporated in cocktails and shots, whether the alcoholic boost would ensure that all twelve worked, I can’t say. Bit like adding pure nitrobenzene directly into the carburetor. If you can avoid the flames the motor starts.

As to a concoction of my own… I’m not sure. In my youth, misguided as it was, we called various drinks ‘legopeners’; unfortunately they also brought on a severe case of brewers droop, so it was difficult to say whether or not they were.

The Cadillac Margarita above sounds interesting.

When I was of half a mind, which I might add that in my dotage has become a permanent state, to impress the ladies I always fell back (not the cause of alcohol) on liqueurs that sort of sneak up on you before you know it. Kahlua and Tia Maria were always favs, and a Grasshopper, despite its Crickety (Aussies love that game, can’t play it, but they love it) name was a good standby; 2xCreme de Menthe, 1xCreme de Cacao and fresh cream, shaken over ice and served. Have to stick to those proportions otherwise the drink looks like mud and girls don’t like playing in the mud. Girls also like that orangey tang of Cointreau or Triple Sec, and the blue Curaçao is always a tease.

For a Christmassy conquest, Amaretto dell’ Orso with its marzipan after taste is always a good bet.

Nothing original, but necessity is the mother of invention.”

What cocktail is the best aphrodisiac?

As we all know alcoholic drinks can be a great aphrodisiac. Actually booze  is the reason that even the ugliest guys on this planet sometimes wake up next to the hottest women. And everybody who has ever watched Sex and the City (of course you were just passing by, when the batteries of your remote control were done, we get it) knows that among alcoholic drinks the most effective aphrodisiac is a cocktail. But which one is the best? To answer this question we give you all the opportunity to send in your suggestions. Not just because we’re lazy. We are just not real experienced cocktail mixers. And since some of our followers are, we’d like to learn from you. After this we hope to have the ultimate list of cocktails of seduction.

Reblogged from: Lords of the Drinks go an see the rest of the post, you may have some good great ideas.


4 responses

  1. Like! Let’s spread the word and gather as many recipes as possible and hopefully we’ll find this magic elixer that is guaranteed to get anyone in the mood haha…


    May 23, 2014 at 5:13 am

    • >Micky, eggzacly, put the greatest minds to work, who knows, we may well get everyone in the mood 🙂



      May 23, 2014 at 8:17 am

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