You are what you eat & drink

Wednesday Whine

I went shopping today at a different supermarket than usual so I had a good browse amongst their selection of wines which extended along one side of a whole aisle.

I walked away with nothing.

After promising myself that I would limit myself to four bottles max.

Pinot Grigio, R$65 (approx $32), beyond my normal price, but I was prepared to spend. It had a screw top, so stayed on the shelf.

A South African wine stayed for the same reason.

A New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, cheap at R$65, screw top, left it there.

There were many interesting wines, part of a Sommelier’s Selection brand, not interested in this type of wine promotion. In fact, about a third of their wines were of this type.

Sant1541merlotI was sorely disappointed.

One with today’s wine from my modest rack.

Santiago 1541 Merlot 2012

The capital city of Santiago, Chile, was founded in the year 1541, hence the name.

A solid everyday wine from Maipo region of the Central Valley this 100% Merlot.

A round and fairly complex wine for this price, R$19 (approx $10).

It fits my pocket.

Food pairings: Pastas, white meats and medium cheeses.

I have tried a bottle of this wine, and there are now another two in the rack as a result.



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