You are what you eat & drink

Can aubergine taste good?

'American' egglant

‘American’ egglant

I used aubergine because it sounds facier than eggplant. I could have easily used beringela, that sounds posh too.

Note the title of the piccy, ‘American’ eggplant… Eggplants aren’t American, they come from India, and in my opinion, should have stayed there.

Aubergine is one of the few vegetables that I don’t like. I don’t know why, I just can’t get my head around them.

There are others, but the aubergine is so held to be healthy.

Why is it that ‘healthy’ foods tast like crap?

Which led to my post title.

Can anyone out there in 2D-land tell me how to make aubergine taste good in the 3D world?

Here’s some others on the dislike list…

Quiabo, or okra

Quiabo, or okra

Jiló, or scarlet eggplant

Jiló, or scarlet eggplant

Both of these are horrible. Although Brazilians swear by quiabo and chicken and quiabo with shrimps…

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