You are what you eat & drink

I May… or indeed may not

I have been on a hiatus, my last post here was over seven years ago.

I have slowly returned to blog on Shit Happens, and have now seen a post that is worthy of resurrecting “Fizz”.

So, I may try to fix it, or indeed may not. Perhaps sporadic posts to whet ones appetite.

Catching the crabs was the first step in making Crab and Dumpling, Tobago’s signature dish.

Trinidad & Tobago is a country off the northern coast of South America near Venezuela.

It’s in the Caribbean, a delightful spot.

They have this dish called Crab & Dumpling

Now I’m not a fan of eating crab, messy fingers and sharp splinters of shell, but I do enjoy the taste of crab.

So Let’s start off with…

Tobago is a land of plenty, with astonishing biodiversity including more than 260 species of birds. It’s also home to the world’s oldest protected rainforest, which is where these unique freshwater land crabs live, scuttling along the forest floor and in mountain streams rather than the marine environment usually associated with crabs. While sea crabs are also abundant in Tobago, the sweeter land crab meat is preferred for the dish.

Crab and dumpling, Tobago’s signature dish, is sweet, salty, spicy – and messy to eat (Credit: Renee Tobley)

Looks delicious!

The complete post can be found on BBC Travel, so go there for a good read and some interesting blog links.


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