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How to Hypnotise

Catching up on the blogs that I follow, I was browsing through the latest from The Fervent Shaker, when I spotted something new; Hpnotiq Liqueur. You’ll see why I have coloured it blue…

hpnotiq1_2There is also a purple Hpnotiq Harmonie.

So, I was off to the great god google and found the homepage and some interesting cocktails apart from the one on the link above…

  • Glam Bomb
  • Berry Creamsicle
  • Hypnotiq Upside Down Cake
  • Sprinkle-tini
  • Hypnotiq cupcake Shot
  • Harmonie cupcake Shot
  • Put a Ring on it
  • Stiletto Sangria
  • Bling it on
  • Bubbles & Blue

You can find the recipes on Hynotiq homepage

hpnotiqharmonieHPNOTIQ Harmonie

The newest addition to our Girls Night Out crew, Harmonie is a refreshing blend of Premium French Vodka, Infused Natural Fruits and a Touch of Cognac.

HPNOTIQ Original

A Refreshing Blend of Premium French Vodka, Exotic Fruit Juices, and a Touch of Cognac.

The above quoted from the homepage, read more there

Croatian liquid gold

Croatian liquid gold.

Croatian liquid gold

via Croatian liquid gold.

Read the story, the hopes and the aspirations of an expat in Croatia when your garden gives you lemons…

St Germain Liqueur

St._Germain_Elderflower_liqueurSt Germain liqueur is made in France from the elderberry flower.

It is an unusual liqueur in that it has a myriad of citrus flavours, aromas and undertones.

Usually served straight, but can be mixed with champagne and dry or sparkling white wine but mixes well with most spirits and club soda.

It can be successfully used with fruit desserts.

For a range of cocktails see

For cooking ideas, check The Nibble also many cocktail ideas, including the Mojito Pariisen.




topinambour1Topinambu, also known as Jerusalem artichoke brandy smells fruity and has a slight nutty-sweet flavour. It is characterised by an intense pleasing earthy note. – Wikipedia



Made in Germany from the tubers of the Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus), also called sunroot, sunchoke, earth apple.


Topinambur is also known as Rossler, also available is Red Rossler, a somewhat bitter and astringent decoction used as digestif made by the addition of currants or tannin containing tormentil.

sunchoke blooms

Sunchoke blooms

Be Cointreauversial

cointreau2Originally “Curaçao Blanco Triple Sec” it was produced by Adolphe Cointreau and his brother Edouard-Jean Cointreau. The distillery began in 1849 and the first Cointreau was sold in 1875.

Made by blending sweet and bitter orange peels and pure alcohol from sugar beets it has become one of the most famous liqueurs in the world.

But what can you do with it?

Obviously, drink it. Straight or over ice, or in many famous and not so famous recipes. Check out more than a dozen cocktails on The Fervent Shaker.

Can you cook with it?

Cointreau is most frequently used in desserts and matches well with chocolate, vanilla, orange (obviously) and cranberries. It is a good addition to chocolate mousse, pot de crème, or crème anglaise. – Fine Cooking

For a dazzling 141 recipes with Cointreau ranging from carrots to shrimps check:


Chocolate Roulade with Spiced Berry Compote and Cointreau Cream. A perfect winter dessert.

Chocolate Roulade with Spiced Berry Compote and Cointreau Cream. A perfect winter dessert. Image – GoodFood


Scallops With Tangy Cointreau Sauce - image: iFood,TV with video

Scallops With Tangy Cointreau Sauce – image: iFood,TV with video

Or you can experiment with Cointreau Noir in the kitchen and the bar.

A blend of traditional Cointreau and Remy Cognac…




Raki on the table

At the moment here in Brazil there is a novela (soap opera) that I enjoy, Salve Jorge, quite a bit takes place in Turkey in both Istanbul and Cappadocia; where the sophisticated Brazilians and Turks are often found sipping raki.

So what is raki?

Raki is considered the national drink of Turkey.

One of the many brands

One of the many brands

“An unsweetened, anise-flavored hard alcoholic drink that is popular in Turkey and in the Balkan countries as an apéritif. It is often served with seafood or Turkish meze. It is similar to several other alcoholic beverages available around the Mediterranean, Albanian regions, the Middle East e.g., pastis, ouzo, sambuca, arak, and aguardiente.”Wikipedia

Traditionally consumed either straight with chilled water on the side or partly mixed with chilled water. Ice cubes are sometimes added.

Dilution with water causes raki to turn a milky-white color like ouzo.

Mezze, with or without drinks, is  a selection of small snacks, hot or cold, spicy or savory; they maybe as simple as cubes of white cheese or more sophisticated like walnuts and hot pepper sauce, or meatballs.


Mezzedhes (pl of mezze)

Mezzedhes (pl of mezze)

Raki and water - image:

Raki and water – image:

Chocolate raspberry fizz cocktail

Who says you can’t have a chocolate cocktail?

Serve this once the party is in full-swing. Sounds strange – it’s a mixture of champers, stout and chocolate liqueur but give it a go and you’ll be surprised.

Get the recipe now



Château de Chambord – image: World Tourism

Chambord, apart from being the largest castle in the Loire Valley, its name was also given to a liqueur.

Image: Wikipedia

Chambord is a liqueur made by infusing raspberries with Cognac. Check the Wikipedia link for more details.

For those more adventurous, you might try your hand at making your own. Step by step instructions and recipes on Creative Culinary.