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What beer be this?

Monty Python’s Holy Grail Ale

IMG_1375Black Sheep Brewery

What beer be this?

Rabbies PorterRabbie’s Porter

Ayr Brewing Company Ltd

Ayrshire, Scotland




“Rabbie’s porter is brewed using Challenger & Pioneer Hops from the U.K. With Crystal and Chocolate Malts to produce this robust, full bodied Ale.”Home page

SIBA Silver Medal 2011 Bottled Beers – Rabbie’s Porter

The Ayr Brewing Company is a 5 Barrel Micro Brewery situated in the heart of Rabbie Burns’ country.

What beer be this?

A day late this week…

Utah Sage Sasison


“Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme…” So sang Simon and Garfunkel. The only thing this beer doesn’t have is parsley.

A Belgian-style farmhouse ale.

More beers from Epic Brewery



What beer be this?

From the Harviestoun Brewery…

Old Engine Oil – Engineer’s Reserve


and the more refined Porter


You can find more of their unique beers here.

Here’s a suggestion from their page:

Ice Cream Float

Ice Cream Float

What beer be this?

Pigs Ass Porter


Brewed by Harvest Moon Brewing Company, Montana

First brewed by Harvest Moon in 1997, this beer is a multiple award-winning dark ale brewed in the Burton,       England   style owing to the similarity of water chemistry in Belt compared to this classic porter producing area in England.  Plenty of body without a sharp bite, this ale is brewed with pale, caramel, chocolate and black malts to create a creamy, smooth, roasted, slightly chocolate tasting ale with a touch of hops in the finish.  This ale can be enjoyed in every season and is best when served cool, not cold.  And why the name?  While drinking this new brew one evening back in 1997, the local hog farmer showed up to collect our spent mash and we that what could be better for fattening pigs? – Harvest Moon Brewery

What beer be this?


Crooked Fence


Check out their brews here

What beer be this?

Holy Grail Ale

“After crossing the Bridge of Death, getting past the Rabbit of Caerbannog, avoiding flesh wounds from the Black Knight, and narrowly being rescued from Castle Anthrax (thanks a lot, guys), I, Sir Shane of the BeerGuys, have stumbled upon what could be the Holy Grail of Beers…literally.” – BeerGuysTV


There, that beats Life of Brian…

Brewed by Black Sheep Brewery in the UK

More from Black Sheep Brewery

More from Black Sheep Brewery

What beer be this?



For more info check Stone Brewing Co’s site

What beer be this?

I missed last week; can’t remember why, but I having been thinking. Having said that…


Alarm bells should be ringing!

The current series of “Do they have beer in…” has just about run its course, there’s simply not enough strange places in the world left to surprise you with.

Which leads me to this juncture; a new theme.


Taking a look at individual beers with strange names, bottles, cool photos,  etc. Just because the beer features here does not mean that I have tried it, or indeed approve it. In fact it doesn’t even mean I have any idea what I am talking about… ah let’s move on.

First up: Dogfish Head Craft Beers





Danger Caps, why? Follow this link to WODZ OLDIES

Cool name, makes you think.

“Dogfish Head? An unconventional company? No way …..

Okay, so maybe we are a little nuts! We brew strange concoctions of beer, sell silly accessories with our name on it and have our own music group, The Pain Relievaz!

We like to keep it a little kooky and wacky around the Dogfish joint!” – Quote from the Dogfish site.

Please let me know, via comments, if you like/dislike/couldn’t care less about the new theme.

Above all, whether you like it or not, click on the ‘Like’ button, help make an old man feel good.

Until next Friday…

Do they have beer in…

The White House?

Apparently they do.

White House divulges Barack Obama’s honey beer recipe

The White House has released details of one of its most closely guarded secrets – the recipe for President Barack Obama’s home-brewed honey ale.

Mr Obama has been enjoying the occasional brew in campaign breaks

The beer is believed to be the first-ever made at the White House.

The recipe was kept under wraps until 13,000 people signed an online petition demanding to know it, and someone even filed a freedom of information request.

Mr Obama has been taking the beer with him on the campaign trail, and is said to be known to offer it to voters.

For weeks, the White House had refused to comment on the recipe, but the secret was finally aired in a blog post entitled “Ale to the Chief”.

The long-awaited special ingredients include: light malt extract, amber crystal malt, honey, gypsum, yeast and corn sugar.

“With public excitement about White House beer fermenting such a buzz, we decided we better hop right to it,” says the White House’s assistant chef Sam Kass, who brews the ale.


Although Mr Kass is the brewer, the White House stressed that it was Mr Obama who bought the equipment and pays for the ingredients out of his own pocket.

There is also a video on how the beer is brewed. “God, that is one incredible beer, if I do say so myself. America I wish everyone could taste this but we don’t quite brew enough,” Sam Kass comments at one point.

The BBC’s Zoe Conway says cynics may say there is more than a bit of politics in the mix.

One of the oldest political cliches states that people vote for the person they would most like to have a beer with – and Mr Obama’s rival in the November election, Mitt Romney, a Mormon, does not drink.