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The rise of canned beer

Anyone fancy a tinnie?

Craft brewers are choosing cans over bottles because they are cheaper, easier to recycle, look good and make the beer taste great. Here are five of the best craft cans – have you made the switch yet?

Five of the best canned beers. Photograph: PR

For many, the words “canned beer” conjure images of fizzy, tasteless lager enjoyed on park benches and at overcrowded music festivals – a far cry from the quality ales that pass the lips of any self-respecting beer fan. But all this could be about to change as a new breed of British brewer begins to opt for metal in favour of glass.

As with many of the trends currently steering the British beer scene, this one started in the US. In 2002, Oskar Blues in Colorado became one of the first independent breweries to can their beer. The tipple, called Dale’s Pale Ale, went on to win numerous industry awards, triggering a wave of canning that continues today. According to Peter Love, the owner of one of the US’s most successful canning companies, Cask, sales of craft beer cans in the US are up 89% year on year; bottles, meanwhile, are only up a pithy 9%. In the UK, it is even more dramatic – specialist beer distributor James Clay, for instance, has seen sales of canned beer rocket by more than 250% this year.

Three breweries in London have recently installed “micro-canning machines”, while breweries in Ireland, Wales and Yorkshire have them on order. Indeed, decent canned beer is now so accepted by the UK beer fraternity, it even has its own competition: the Indie Beer Can festival. The winner, Adnams Ghost Ship, was announced on Thursday night at a lavish ceremony in the capital.

So why all the fanfare now? From a brewer’s point of view, cans are lighter and take up less space than bottles, which makes them cheaper to store and transport. They’re also considered environmentally friendly because the metal used to make them is 100% and infinitely recyclable, with no loss of quality. And as anyone who has seen a can of Beavertown or Fourpure will know, they look good too.

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You’ll rarely catch me drinking from a can.

There are two occasions that I will, Murphy’s and Guinness stout, because here in Brazil you can only get cans.

I refuse all other beers in a can because you can guarantee that they are lined with noxious BPA.

BPA is a poison, many countries, including Brazil, have banned the product in plastics for babies and young children. They don’t do this without reason.

I find it disturbing that the use of cans as drink containers is on the rise. Once again, an example of profits over health.

Some companies are touting that they have done away with BPA…

Oh, that’s just great!

They’ve replaced it with BPS, which is even more dangerous. Governments haven’t caught up with that yet.

As for their claims that the beer tastes better. That’s bullshit! I have never had a canned beer that tastes better than the same product in a bottle.

Corporate bullshit, makes a good selling line.

They’d tell you that elephant shit tasted good if it sold a product.


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