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The Write White

It is written, almost indelibly, “red meat – red wine; white meat – white wine”, but is this necessarily true?

Are you having a turkey Christmas dinner?

Turkey has replaced the traditional goose on British festive tables

Turkey has replaced the traditional goose on British festive tables

If so, what are you going to drink with it?

What wine with turkey?

It’s a question that comes up at Christmas. But if you think about it, the answer can be as simple as – what do you like?

For that Christmas turkey, there’s a good match for every taste – whether you or your family and guests prefer white, red, or rosé …

  • If you and your guests prefer dry white wines, dry and oakey Chardonnay is the favorite choice with turkey depending on the particular tastes of your family and guests. Sauvignon Blanc or a White Burgundy are also good all-around choices that pair well with everything from mashed turnips to turkey stuffing.
  • If your guests prefer their wines on the sweet side, White Zinfandel is the all-purpose favorite to go with most of your turkey feast.
  • Or, head for the German wine aisle at your favorite wine shop to pick out a light but slightly spicy Gewurztraminer that’s always a good match for the holiday bird. A slightly sweeter Riesling will also pair well with any dish at a Thanksgiving or holiday table. If the label says ‘Kabinett’, the wine is made from the earliest harvest. That means the Riesling will be a dryer wine. A Spätlese is a bit sweeter, but still retains the dryness of the wine — and is usually a favorite in American homes. An Auslese will be even sweeter and makes a better match for the dessert than the turkey.
  • If red wines are normally your favorite, Pinot Noir is the perfect red wine for holiday feasting. More robust than white wine, Pinot Noir has very little tannin and will likely blend well with the entire holiday meal. Serve it slightly chilled.

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Sancerre Chavignol?



Pinot Gris?

So many to choose from…

Yesterday & Today

Yesterday I had three large haddock fillets in the freezer and I had decided to defrost the fridge before the polar bears came out to attack during the night.

So lunch was preordained:

Poached Haddock.

That was simple, fillets (still frozen) into an oven dish, cover with milk, sprinkle a little salt and black pepper, add what was left of a jar of stuffed olives, sprinkle on some chopped parsley and dribble some olive oil over the lot. I added four centimetre thick slices of pumpkin on top as well.

Into the oven, and 20 minutes later… Lunch.

Haddock Bisque

Today I took the preserved stock (poaching liquid) out of the fridge, added a small box of ‘fresh’ cream and grated in  2cm of pealed ginger root. Then thickened with cornflour.

Lunch… Haddock Bisque served with Chablis and croutons.

Not my photo, but it looked like that. You see my digital camera still doesn’t want to be a digital camera, it’s an identity crisis.

You don’t have to think too hard to make a meal with what you have.