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How stuffed up is that?

Being Easter week, I thought it would be nice to post about Easter food.

So I googled ‘Easter food’

Yup, I got chocolate Easter eggs!

This is how stupid Google is, chocolate Easter eggs are NOT food.

Now this looks like food, Ukranian Easter Food…



What beer be this?


Black Chocolate Stout

Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout

from Brooklyn Breweries.

Read a great review on Blood, Stout & Tears

Satireday on Fizz

Chocolate Burger



Basic Food Groups



Satireday on Fizz


Sunday Art Fare

Still life with Antique coffee grinder, burlap sack, coffee cups and chocolate on  rustic table

Still life with Antique coffee grinder, burlap sack, coffee cups and chocolate on rustic table

Can’t remember where I got this from…

It’s a photo, but it’s still art, I love it.

A Chocolate Story


We’re all pretty familiar with chocolate.

But do we know where it comes from?


Or that it even grows on a tree?

How does it get from this to that?

Why is dark chocolate always more bitter than milk chocolate?

On ExploreDreamDiscover this week there’s a small photo essay to give you an idea.

Sunday Art Fare


Oil on linen

NB: The link given wasn’t right to attribute the work

Four Basic Food Groups

Amaretti Biscuits

These amaretti biscuits are a favourite among visitors to Espresso, the cafe at Wellington’s Te Papa Museum. (New Zealand)


500g ground almonds

1kg icing sugar

30g cocoa

300g egg whites

Icing sugar for dusting (approx 80g)

200g dark chocolate

Put the ground almonds, icing sugar, cocoa and egg whites in a mixing bowl and carefully combine. Beat for four minutes on medium speed. Using a star nozzle (if not available, plain nozzle is fine), pipe round cookie shapes on to baking paper-lined trays. The mixture will be enough for 30 large cookies, about 10 centimetres in diameter, or more bite-sized cookies. Dust them with icing sugar.

Put the baking trays aside and leave overnight at room temperature. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius, bake for 20 minutes or until cooked. An easy way of checking that your cookies are ready is trying to lift them from the tray – if they easily lift off the baking paper they are done; if they stick, leave them a little longer in the oven. Once cooled, dip the bottom of the cookies into melted chocolate, and put them on baking paper until the chocolate is set.


Saturday Satire

Did you hear about the new four food groups?


Pizza, Coffee, Chocolate and Wine.