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What beer be this?



A craft beer

Gillian is a saison with strawberries, honey, and white pepper that has been aged in used wine barrels.

From: Goose Island, Chicago

Daily Beer Review for tasting, etc.

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What beer be this?


Betty IPA


From: Hanger 24 Craft Brewery


Craft Beer’s Dissenter

I like beer. The strained elastic in my waistband can attest to that. But I hate “craft” beer. Honestly, I have yet to find one I like, which leads me to believe that the people who do like them are faking it.

What makes a craft beer?

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What beer be this?

Cave Creek Chili beer

Craziest Flavored Beers6

Wow, this is intense heat…

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What beer be this?

I missed last week; can’t remember why, but I having been thinking. Having said that…


Alarm bells should be ringing!

The current series of “Do they have beer in…” has just about run its course, there’s simply not enough strange places in the world left to surprise you with.

Which leads me to this juncture; a new theme.


Taking a look at individual beers with strange names, bottles, cool photos,  etc. Just because the beer features here does not mean that I have tried it, or indeed approve it. In fact it doesn’t even mean I have any idea what I am talking about… ah let’s move on.

First up: Dogfish Head Craft Beers





Danger Caps, why? Follow this link to WODZ OLDIES

Cool name, makes you think.

“Dogfish Head? An unconventional company? No way …..

Okay, so maybe we are a little nuts! We brew strange concoctions of beer, sell silly accessories with our name on it and have our own music group, The Pain Relievaz!

We like to keep it a little kooky and wacky around the Dogfish joint!” – Quote from the Dogfish site.

Please let me know, via comments, if you like/dislike/couldn’t care less about the new theme.

Above all, whether you like it or not, click on the ‘Like’ button, help make an old man feel good.

Until next Friday…