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The Aussie BBQ…or Russian Roulette for food

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Anyone can cook meat, all you need is a frypan, temperature controlled stove and a dash of oil.

It takes a real man to cook on raging flames, with the temperature fluctuating between burn and incinerate, when even getting close enough to flip the meat might cost you an eyebrow..thats what makes it ‘Mans work’.
* Perfect, the meat should go on NOW

With a beer in one hand (to put yourself out when you catch fire) and tongs in the other you dash headlong into the flames, turning that which seems scorched enough and moving to the side that which is still on fire, then dash back checking for burning eyebrows and forearms as you do. A long slurp on the beer about now will cool your burning throat..

Now stand back for a few minutes as you recover from the incineration, slurp a few more times on the beer still in your hand and laugh with friends, telling jokes about women, cars, work or the weather. All to soon it’s time to tackle the flames again as you prepare by drinking more beer for the upcoming fight, thankful for the fireproof apron and burn cream already rubbed into the groin.

Before long though the cooking is over as most of the meat is set and shrunk like a rubber shoe sole, a sure sign that it’s cooked enough. Regardless of the amount of carbon on the surface the cook declares the meat ‘cooked’ and ‘perfect’.

 *Of course you’ve locked the dog away in the back room

Want to read more? Do you dare read more? Then hop across to Set the Tempo if you want to see how this ends.

Under the Affluence of Incohol


The Liebster Award was invented to discover new blogs. You can read the history of this award on Sopphy Says

Honoured, I am.

Heady stuff!

I thought, I had had all the awards doing the circuits on various blogs, it seems I don’t didn’t.

I have really stopped participating in these awards since I moved from BlogSpot to WordPress, not because I am being churlish, rather that I was extremely disappointed by the response I had to one I participated in; none of my nominees even so much as acknowledged receiving the award.

However, I find myself drawn, however humbly to this one, because it’s different… well a little different.

The culprit blogger that lumbered me bestowed this damned thing lovely award upon me was none other than Lord of the Rings drings Drinks. I will do his bidding.

Apparently when you get nominated for the Liebster Award you need to do three things: answer the 11 questions of the one who nominated you, come up with 11 new questions for 11 other bloggers and share 11 random facts about yourself.

I have got to answer the following 11 LOTD questions:
1. What country are you from?

New Zealand, but I forgot where it is… I am a practicing Brazilian now.
2. What’s your age?

I’m a chenior shitizen! That’s close enough.
3. How old were you when you first got drunk?

Hmmm, don’t remember that too well, about 16.
4. What’s your favorite drink?

Oooooh, tricky. Should be gin, my first spirit in the form of a Tom Collins when I was 14.
5. How many units of alcohol (check the graphic) do you approximately drink per week?

Between 3 – 10, normally closer to the lower end of the scale.
6. What kind of drunk are you (angry, sleepy, extra-social, horny, dramatic, dancing, etc.)?

I’m a happy drunk, except like last week when the local bludger biffed my cat in the bar, I biffed him. I can’t stand animals being mistreated, especially my Lixo.
7. Is their any interesting local drinking custom, ritual or game that you can share with us?

Game… hmmm, well not local, but we used to play Colonel Huff as a teenager.
8. Describe your most epic drunk night.

I don’t and never did consider being drunk as ‘epic’, more of an unfortunate consequence.
9. Which drink (or mix) is certain to screw you up?

Tequila! Did last week, got drunk for the first time in 10 years.
10. Got any tips on how to have a good (drunk) night for little money?

We always figured that cider gave you best value % alcohol/cent money. But that was teenagers.
11. Is their a relatively unknown drink you can recommend us?

Benedictine, is grossly underrated. But here in Brazil, it’s like looking for rockinghorse poo!

One that is spreading slowly around the world is a caipirinha from Brazil with cachaça (sugar cane brandy). For pity’s sake don’t be an American and make it with limes, use lemons; lemons in Brazil are green and as soon as Americans see green, they go ‘Limes!’ Wrong, use lemons, even yellow ones are better than limes, although you don’t get the traditional green drink.

You can make a batida (not a caipirinha) with various fruit, in fact, any fruit.

Also, you can make a caipirinha using vodka, but it is not a caipirinha, rather a caipiroska/caipivodka.

Now it’s my time to help you get to know 11 other interesting bloggers.

1. Boy Drinks World

2. Foam Around the World

3. Good Beer, Better Hats

4. Nectar of the Gods

5. The Reverse Wine Snob

OMG! I’ve run out. Well, I haven’t, but the others were already nominated by LOTD. So you get Five great blogs.

I have got the following 11 questions for them:
1. Are you a beer/wine/spirits person?
2. Have you reached the age where room spins are a thing of the past?
3. How old were you when you first drank/tasted an alcoholic drink?
4. What and where was it?
5. Have you ever made a homebrew?
6. What’s the weirdest drink you have ever had?
7. When you travel, do you try to sample as many of the local drinks as possible?
8. Are you a follower of ‘Red wine, red meat, white wine, white meat?
9. What do you drink with a meal?
10. Have you ever done something you regretted while drinking?
11. Do you consider drinks to be a ‘social lubricant’?

Well even if you’re not mentioned in the blogs above, I still would love to hear your answers to my 11 questions. Interesting drinking customs or stories are always highly appreciated.

If you leave a comment with your answers, consider yourself worthy of a posthumous nomination and take the award for your blog.


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