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Bloody Limes!

A Brazilian caipirinha

A Brazilian caipirinha

One of my pet hates.

Nearly every blog I see that details the Brazilian caipirinha and/or gives a recipe, tells you to use LIMES! And, I saw another this morning.

A caipirinha is made with LEMONS!

Limes and lemons are totally different flavours; limes are not as sour as lemons.

The confusion arises because here in Brazil lemons are green; and everyone outside Brazil sees a green lemon and goes “Limes”. They are NOT Limes.

As green lemons get older they tend to develop a yellow tinge, limes do not.

Please help stamp out this erroneous bullshit!

Green lemons are NOT limes

Green lemons are NOT limes

Cheap 51 is used most, but I prefer something a little more upmarket

Cheap 51 is used most, but I prefer something a little more upmarket

If you can’t get green lemons, don’t use limes. Use a traditional yellow lemon, and if you want to have the ‘Brazilian green’ garnish with lime slices.


  • 1 lemon cut into eight pieces.
  • Sugar to taste.
  • Mash the lemon and sugar in glass (or use a mortar and pestle), add ice.
  • Fill glass with cachaça.

Once you have made the mix, you may need to add extra sugar because green lemons are ‘nipple puckering’ sour.

Shrek Poo

Shrek Poo

I love avocado milkshakes. Half an avocado, lots of ice and milk. into the blender.

Drink it until the pain hits, right at the base of the skull. Brain Freeze! Oh why do I do it.

Last week I made them for my kids when they visited.

Emmylee’s immediate response, “I’m not drinking that, it’s Shrek poo!” Sigh, that’s an eight year old for you.

I showed her the avocado skins and finally convinced her to try it. She liked it. Now they’re called Shrek poo!