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Japanese Cuisine: Fish Recipes

Karei no Nitsuke – Simmered Turbot!

Karei/Turbot or halibut is a cheap and very popular fish in Japan, especially cooked, steamed, simmered or deep-fried.


Here is a very easy recipe found in many homes and izakayas:

See: Shizuoka Gourmet for photos & recipes of this and other dishes. Great blog!

NB: An izakaya (居酒屋) is a type of Japanese drinking establishment which also serves food to accompany the drinks – Wikipedia

Nigiri sushi vs Maki-mono

I was suprised at the number of authoritative blogs and sites on Japanese cuisine that don’t know the difference between nigiri sushi and maki-mono. Maki-mono are sushi, but they are not (as popularly called) sushi rolls.


These are nigiri sushi

These are maki-mono

And this is how to make makis (popular abbreviation):

And, how to make sushi rice:

Ever wondered about etiquette at a Japanese restaurant…

Just as a matter of interest, this is sashimi:

Sashimi - slices of various fish