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Satireday on Fizz



Satireday on Fizz


Sunday Art Fare

Modern kitchen wall decor

Something so simple as a silhouette on a kitchen wall.

Source: Ideas Decor

Sunday Art Fare


Retro utensil print

Source: Bespoke Prints

Sunday Art Fare


Country Kitchen

by peka444

Digital art

Source: deviantart

Sunday Art Fare

(c) Henfield Museum; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

A Cottage Kitchen

Artist Unknown.

A typical country kitchen with a brick floor and pot on the open fire.

Source: BBCNews

Sunday Art Fare

Not all art need to be on a canvas, nor indeed photographic. I could be on the walls or floors, in fact anywhere, ask Bansky.

Today, it’s on a wall, a kitchen wall.

Creative kitchen design - ligia-fiedler

I think that looks just fantastic.

Source: Luxury, Lifestyle & Design

Sunday Art Fare


Welcome to my garden, Blue Stove


Sunday Art Fare

I love this photo.

Yes, it’s a photo, but photos are art too.


Source: FineArtAmerica

Sunday Art Fare


Black cat in the kitchen – Roelof Rossou

Source: Fine Art America


Satireday on Fizz


Drizzle_226Drizzle is a term used for rain; a light constant shower. It’s weather!

Since when did it start raining in the damned kitchen?

I read housewife recipes, ‘drizzle this’, ‘drizzle that’…


Doesn’t anybody pour, or pour lightly, or even sprinkle anymore?

No, you have to drizzle your olive oil, or your wine, or the cream, or chocolate sauce.

Don’t be a wuss, pour, splash, dunk or dribble like a chef!

Saturday Satire on Sunday

Should you find one of these in your kitchen…



Then I would humbly suggest that you eat out.

Happy New Year