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Wednesday Whine

I had a wine ready for review today, but I drank it.

Finishing the bottle at the botequim, I forgot to bring it home… I had hoped to get another, but haven’t been out of the house for the cold.

It was French, red, good… Not plonk. Name started with a B, not Burgundy.

Heres the blurb I wrote on the day of the crime:

“Yes, today, weinerschnitzel; all crumbed and ready to go. Boiled potatoes and buttered peas and cauliflower cheese on the side. French Bordeaux in the offing… 

Oh, I know how to do it on a Sunday.”

I’ll do better next time.

I really must stop drinking wine before I’ve featured it here, but I am such a weak person.

Wednesday Whine

Hidden away in the dusty reaches of my wine box behind the front door I found…


My bottle is 2009

In true wine cellar form, the bottle did indeed need dusting.

Logo_CDD_avec_blason_transp_BDSouthern Rhône Valley, France

You can read the history on their site. English

The wine is untried. I am saving it for a ‘special’ occasion; which may turn out to be a rainy day.

Serving: Between 14°C  And 15°C

Flavours: Fruity and vegetable

Food pairings: BBQ chicken, salads, pizzas, pork and beef

Wednesday Whine

Yes, I know it’s Thursday… again.

I’ll try again next week to get it right.

This week’s peek into my wine rack I found two bottles of the same wine.

Rouge de France

Rouge de France

Cuvée Brouchard Aîné

Rouge de France

Grape types: A blend based mainly on  Syrah and Gamay.

Food pairings: Ideal with red meats, grilled meats, spicy dishes, wild game and cream cheeses.

Source: Brouchard Aîné for more info

My view: Fits in the pocket R$25 and tastes good with BBQ, that’s why I bought another two bottles.

I can’t be wrong, because this wine is considered the ‘ambassador’ of Cuvée Brouchard.



An Educated Guess

Which wine… whine