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Roses, More than just Flowers

Rose Hip Syrup

When I was a kid, I had heard about Rose Hip Syrup, but I haven’t heard about it for years. Occasionally, things from the past bubble to the surface and make you wonder. Rose Hips did and sent me off  googling.

Rose Hips are the fruit of the rose bush. Most people don’t know that roses have fruit and seeds because they never see them. The rose bushes are pruned for more pretty flowers.

But I have seen the fruit of rose bushes and I never connected the two.


I did find out that Rose Hip Syrup is good because it has lots of Vitamin C.

You can use rose hips in all sorts of things, jams, jellies, sauces, soups and seasonings. Also rose hip tea.

Roses are related to apples, so it’s not surprising that rose hips look like little red apples.

You can find out much more on


Rose Hip Jam & Jelly

If you want to have a go at jam or jelly, check out: Simply Recipes there’s a great story, photos and recipes for both.






And of course the story wouldn’t be complete without knowing that there is also a liqueur made from rose hips.

Licor de Rosa Mosqueta

An interesting rarity. Dark red colour, very pasty. Pleasant taste with a certain sweetness and hardly noticeable alcohol presence (16 vol. %). To drink straight or to mix with sparkling wine.

But you may have to search for it.

Where there’s a liqueur, of course, there’s a cocktail. You can check out a recipe for the Pink Gin Fizz on Mint Demonde blog.

Happy Hipping…