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Sea food

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Paella can be vegan?

As a result of looking for something completely different in relation to vegan aspects of life, I found this:

Vegan Paella on

I love Paella

Real Paella on

The news that you can simply replace the sea-food with cashews to make a vegan paella intrigued me. I must admit that the top version doesn’t look very appealing, it appears to be very lentilly and I hate lentils with a passion. Yuck! You can find that recipe on Green Planet.

However, there are many versions of the basic paella. Paella varies from region to region in Spain, the coastal areas include mostly seafood in theirs, such as mussels, clams and shrimp. Other traditional versions feature Spanish dry chorizo and even snails. The original recipe was with duck, rabbit or  chicken.

So have a check around the web, google it, there are plenty of ideas and recipes for those who want original, sea-food or vegan paellas.