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Black Pudding in Korea…

Korean food is not so much underrated outside the country as not rated at all. Barbecue and kimchi are the only foods that have caused even a slight blip on the radar.

Inside Korea, however, food is a universal obsession. In Seoul, each popular dish has its own “town” – a street filled with restaurants all serving their versions of that particular food.

Blood sausage stuffed with noodles (sundae)

Seoul Soondae Soondae Photograph: Alamy

The dish Sundae is a dish best eaten with your eyes closed. Pig intestine casings stuffed with a mixture of vegetables, cellophane noodles and pig’s blood don’t make for a visually pleasing meal, but they’re rich, flavourful and surprisingly addictive. Sundae is student food, and a trip to Sundae Town (a bustling building packed with vendors, rather than a street) is where you’ll see them being enjoyed – chopsticks moving rapidly between plate and mouth, and a cheap bottle of soju (rice wine) close to hand.

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NB: The spelling sundae, soondae appears more correct.