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What beer be this?

Sankt Gallen Sweet Vanilla Stout



Read more, but be warned, it’s all Japanese

This ‘Gallen’ character seems to be popular…

“The founding of St. Gallen is attributed to the Irish monk Gallus (ca 550–620 or 640), who built a hermitage by the river Steinach in 612 AD.”Wikipedia

St Gallen is also the name of a Brazilian beer (weissbier and stout/porter styles) made in the mountainous part of Rio de Janeiro state, it appears the Japanese have latched onto the marketing tool too, which doesn’t surprise me.

Whereas, St Gallen is actually a city in Switzerland, and has been since an abbey was built there c720 and in the 1500s became a textile centre and today has one of the best business universities in the world… nothing to do with beer at all.

It seems to me that the use of St Gallen is nothing more than a marketing ploy to sell beer.

The Brazilian product by the same name

The Brazilian product by the same name

The stout/porter I have tried, a little too sweet for a stout, nothing to write home about.