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What beer be this?

Pizza Beer…


Pizza Beer” was developed Labor Day, 2006 by Tom and Athena Seefurth in our home brewery in Campton Township, IL. It all started with a surplus of tomatoes, a bag of garlic & an idea that started early in the spring when we planted our garden herbs. – Mama Mia! Pizza Beer for more info.


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The Full Monty

Yes, the Full Monty, ah English Breakfast.

Time has eroded the English breakfast, I don’t necessarily mean temporally, rather our lifestyles. Today we don’t have the time to make an English breakfast. With both Mum and Dad off to work, it’s tea/coffee and toast and off…

The value of an English breakfast cannot be surpassed. In today’s world of the obese, it is dangerous because our sedentary lifestyles have made it so. We are not active during the day or the evening any more, not active enough to burn off the calorific intake that an English breakfast provides.

Bliss for me is a full English breakfast

Just look at that plate, from the grilled tomatoes (I prefer fried), clockwise, bacon, blackpudding, mushrooms, toast, baked beans and bangers (sausage) with perfectly fried eggs in the middle. This is the perfect breakfast.

With the demise of family life and the disappearance of the English breakfast the kids of today have no idea what food is. Hamburgers, hot-dogs and pizza is all kids understand today; they believe that anything that involves washing the dishes is not food.

Read this article on The Guardian about the essentials and how-to of the full English breakfast.

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