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Big, Ugly and so Yummy


Or in New Zealand it is known also by the Maori name Hapuka and is well known in our fish shops.

This fish is common in the waters around New Zealand and Australia. Fillets from the Hapuka are firm, white, large flaked, very flavorful, and somewhat similar to a bass.

Good in soups, as fillets and steaks. You you can roast it, braised it, boil it and bake it. Or simply chuck a whole one on the BBQ and even make fish cakes with it.

The Rolls Royce of New Zealand fish.

Try these recipes:

Big 'n Chunky

Hapuka with Pan Fried Parsnips OceanNZ Seafood

Hapuka Steaks Bach 22 Recipes

Great baked Hapuka recipe  MarkGardner Blog

Roast Hapuka Fillet Nobilo

Lemon ginger hapuka and vegetables in parchment Radio Live

Oven Baked Hapuka La Cigale

Pan Fried Hapuka with Garlicky Soy Sauce Three Hungry Tummies

Poached Hapuka and Couscous OceanNZ Seafood

Barbecued Hapuka with Galic Butter and Herbs ECook

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