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How to cook the perfect Christmas lunch

Jeremy Lee reveals the chef’s secrets to the main Christmas event: delicious turkey and all the trimmings

Christmas lunch. Photograph: Romas Foord for Observer Food Monthly

The truly great magic of Christmas is where it falls amid the seasons: the final farewell bid to autumn is made at the close of November swiftly followed by the mighty push through December to the big day itself. For sure, there are the presents and the parties and extraordinary cavorting during the preceding weeks, but it is the keenness of the cold and the great change in the seasons that so defines the quite magical reign of winter. And, oh my, how the appetite is quickened for Christmas foods so steeped in tradition for, come winter’s call, the kitchen is the true heart of the house. Here all is warmth and cheer, so, when the final preparations are made and the food is carried through to table, all there is to do is sit, fill your plate, fill your glass and raise your voice to join in the sheer and utter marvellous joy of good things well done for all.

Source: TheGuardian Read more for the recipes

  • The Turkey
  • Cumberland sauce
  • Roast potatoes
  • Giblet gravy
  • Sprout tops
  • Clementine sorbet
  • Steamed fruit pudding
  • Custard

A Thanksgiving Recipe

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Sunday Art Fare

Green-GlasswareSometimes just a collection of stuff amounts to art.

I love glass things.

Satireday on Fizz


10 Reasons Wine is better than Beer


A good post, some tongue-in-cheek.


Originally posted on The Wine Wankers:

beer wine wanker

Craft beer – for those that have not seen it :)

Over at the Wine Wanker’s head office we are very committed to promoting the virtues of wine, but we don’t often criticise the alternatives. This blog therefore corrects this glaring omission from our line-up of posts, and demonstrates the superiority of wine over it’s poorer cousin beer. Why beer? Well in Australia anyway (Downunder for our American friends), it is the most consumed alcoholic beverage, and as such some ground needs to be made up by the wine fraternity to correct this travesty.

We have a craft beer revolution going on here at present and it has been interesting watching beer swillers becoming refined craft beer nerds. Conrad and Neal recently went to a craft beer brewery that has sprung up in Enmore and it was hilarious watching this cultural shift. Deadset there were beer wankers everywhere. Good idea…

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Ah, crumbles…

One of the easiest desserts. The crumble can be made with many different fruit.

The recipe is basic, butter, flour and sugar for the crust. The flour can be plain or wholemeal, the sugar, white or brown. The butter needs to be butter, NOT margarine.

The fruit can be lightly stewed apples or pears, raw banana, or even rhubarb.

Cooked in the oven and served with custard, icecream, yoghurt or fresh or whipped cream.

Sunday Art Fare



Source: Thirsty Palette

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WTF is this?

Tobacco flavoured vodka…


Sunday Art Fare

An ornate coffee table…




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