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Wednesday Whine

Missed yesterday, I was having mouse issues…

Peeping into my wine rack.

This is another that didn’t last long in the rack.

Convento da Serra – White 2009

Another wine from the Alentejo region in southern Portugal.

Grape types: Fernão Pires, Rabo de Ovelha and Roupeiro

My view: Damned fine wine, looking for more.

On-line wine sellers note: Aroma muito fresco e limonado, denotando a juventude do vinho.  (Very fresh aroma, lemon, denoting a young wine).

Price: R$27 ($12)

How stuffed up is that?

Being Easter week, I thought it would be nice to post about Easter food.

So I googled ‘Easter food’

Yup, I got chocolate Easter eggs!

This is how stupid Google is, chocolate Easter eggs are NOT food.

Now this looks like food, Ukranian Easter Food…


Sunday Art Fare


Still life – Georg Flegel

Germany, Baroque (1566 – 1638)



Satireday on Fizz


What beer be this?

From the Harviestoun Brewery…

Old Engine Oil – Engineer’s Reserve


and the more refined Porter


You can find more of their unique beers here.

Here’s a suggestion from their page:

Ice Cream Float

Ice Cream Float

Wednesday Whine

I missed last week…

Peeking in my wine rack


This week a wine that is still in my rack.

Alentejo is a region in the south of Portugal famous for it’s red and white regional wines.

The bottle I have is a Loios dry red, 2009


Grape types: Aragonez, Trincadeira and Castelão

The historic name Loios comes from a sect of monks who dominated the area in the 14th and 15th centuries.

For me this will go with a very rare beef.



Drink it or save it?

The wine collector’s dilemma


Royal Wedding This magnum of 1961 Dom Perignon was disgorged in 1981 for the marriage of the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer. (Christie’s Images Ltd)

It’s a drip, drip process. It starts somewhere between buying a bottle or two for dinner and having a couple more bottles of a favourite vintage on hand for unexpected guests. Before you know it you’re stashing cases to be savoured over a few years and suddenly, wine enthusiasts become avid collectors.

Their passion is so strong they will reach across time zones, interrupt business meetings and call from airports while rushing to catch a connecting flight just to discuss their collections.

“I remember it was in 1980, I tasted a bottle of ’71 Musigny by Roumier. It was a great Burgundy and the shop where I bought it had slashed the price from $45 to $15 a bottle,” recalled Joseph Rescigno, the principal conductor of the Florentine Opera Company in Wisconsin. After he first tasted it, he ran back to the store. “I bought 11 bottles. It was as much as I could afford. And to this day, my favorite wine is a red Burgundy.”


The Parrot Sketch


Sunday Art Fare


Van Gogh’s Still Life with Quinces and Lemons


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